Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speed Interviewing

You've all heard about speed dating, right?

You know - where you sit in a room filled with tables.  There's a person sitting at each of those tables.  You have about 10 minutes at each share, you discuss, then you hear a buzzer telling you it's time to move to the next table.  At the end, you decide if you found any possible love matches - and decide to exchange numbers.

Well, imagine that scenario - but instead of love interests being on the other side of those tables..there are potential job offers.

That's exactly the scene I encountered yesterday. Speed interviewing.

There were six principles from six different schools stationed at six different tables.  There were six candidates interviewing at a time.  You sit down, introduce yourself, and the ten minutes begins.  Ten minutes to explain why you think you'd be a good fit in their school, and answer the questions they have.

It was a little...well...urm....SCARY!!  Yeah, that's a good word.  Terrifying?  Yeah, maybe that too. 

I will say this now.  Ten minutes is a very short amount of time.  VERY SHORT.  Just when you get into a great conversation, things are going really well, you're enjoying the time....BEEEEEPPPP...time's up, move on and start over.

Despite how nerve wracking it was - it really was a great experience.

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to five principles I've never met before - and the principle I've been with since August.

Each principle had different questions, so I was constantly thinking on my feet - trying to extract the best answer from my brain....but overall, I think it went pretty well.

I like to think of myself as a person that performs well under pressure.  That was, of course, until the pressure is the fate of my future career...even that was a little too much pressure for my liking.  Despite my nerves kicking in and my hands dripping with sweat - I think I did pretty well.

There were a couple of questions that got me rambling - and I don't like to ramble.  There were a few questions that got me really excited - and the excitement transferred to the principle.  There were a question or two that froze me on the spot - the questions I just didn't expect and sent shock waves of panic through my body...because those questions weren't on my practice sheet.  But I managed to compose myself and answer to the best of my ability.

Before I knew it, the hour was over.  I had completed six mini interviews and I left feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

It was definitely a learning experience.

Now, I'm ready for the "real deals".  Let's just hope I can get one or two.

*Fingers crossed*


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