Thursday, March 10, 2011

ABC's of ME

I saw this on a few other blogs - and thought it would be kind of fun to do here.  That way, you can get to know me a little better.  Here goes...

A. Age: 29
B. Bed size: California King
C. Chore you dislike: Dishes, laundry, and dusting
D. Dogs:  One, my silky terrier princess Asia
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee and blog
F. Favorite color: Pink and purple in general - black and red in clothing
G. Gold or silver: Silver
H. Height: 5'6"
I.   Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet grades 7-11
J.  Job title:  Student teacher
K. Kids: Three - affectionately named in my blogging world Peanut (10 year old daughter), Butter (9 year old son), and Jelly (3 year old daughter)
L.  Live: Decatur, Arkansas
M. Mom’s name: Vickie
N.  Nicknames: Jo-Jo - been called that by my family for as long as I can remember
O. Overnight hospital stays: Each time I had my kids
P.  Pet peeves: Liars and people that are nice to me to my face and then talk crap about me behind my back
Q. Quote from a movie: "Reh he he heally"
R. Righty or lefty: Lefty
S. Siblings:  5 younger: 3 brothers and 2 sisters
T. Time you wake up: 4am on weekdays and around 7am on weekends
U. Underwear: bikinis or boi shorts
V. Vegetables you don’t like: spinach (cooked) and brussel sprouts
W.What makes you run late: Kids, blogging, Facebook
X. X-rays you’ve had: Several - mostly for my knees
Y. Yummy food you make: Indian food
Z. Zoo animal favorites: Lions and tigers and bears....oh my!!

Now, aren't you so glad that you know all that stuff about me now??

You're welcome!!

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