Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Own Dear John Letter

Last week, I received the letter I didn't want.  The infamous "Dear John" letter, letting me know that I was not selected for the job I interviewed for.  Despite already knowing that I didn't get the job, it still hurt reading the words on the letter.  I have worked with these people for an entire school year - but the words on the page were formatted, disconnected....a real "cut and paste" job.
Yes, it hurt knowing that I wasn't selected to work in the school I love.  It hurt knowing that I wasn't good enough.  I hurt knowing that regardless of how much I've done to prove myself - it just wasn't enough.

So, after a little soul-searching...I've decided to write my own "Dear John" letter...

Dear Joanna,

I know you're disappointed about not getting the job you interviewed for.  Any kind of rejection is hard, you know that better than anyone.  You've had a lot of rejection in your life, yet you always managed to pull through.  You've always managed to take the bad and mold it to become something great.  Why on earth would you feel like this situation is any different?

OK, so you didn't get this job.  Maybe you don't get any job this year.  Does that mean you're going to quit looking?  Does that mean you're going to give up on everything you've worked so hard to do?  Of course not.  This is just a little speed bump.

You are the queen of declaring "Everything happens for a reason".  The reason is never known until it reveals itself.  You say that all of the time.  You have questioned aspects of your life for, well...
forever... yet you are always able to explain the reasons that you stood up to those situations - and have an answer for why you wouldn't change any of it.  Everything does happen for a reason.

You thought the hard part was over - graduating from college.  You're now beginning to realize that getting through college wasn't the hard part... using it to find your dream job - now that's the hard part.  I know it's frustrating driving from school to school hoping that you'll find that one principle that will give you a shot.  Getting doors closed in your face is a part of the territory.  There isn't enough jobs for everyone.  It's harsh reality - but a reality that you're facing. 

At the end of the day, you know you better than anyone.  You know how hard you've worked.  You know the trials and tribulations you've been though - and the triumphs and successes you've seen.  You are strong, smart, beautiful, and courageous.  You know that your time will come.  You just have to be patient - I know, something you've never really been great at doing.  Your time WILL come.

Keep believing.  Stay strong.  Never give up.



  1. You should listen to that girl who wrote the letter. She's totally right :)

  2. I don't know why I'm just now seeing this but you said it best...everything happens for reason! Keep your chin up...your day will come!


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