Saturday, April 2, 2011

Butterflies Are Gone - Interview Over

Well, I made it through my interview in one piece.

It was an interesting opportunity.

I was surrounded by people all anxiously waiting their turn to interview with the 45 principals performing the interviews.

When it was my time, the butterflies were in full force - but I was able to keep them at bay.

It's hard to say how well my interview went.  I answered each question honestly and passionately.  The principal wrote as I spoke.  There was only 25 minutes to tell her how much I loved teaching - and fit that in to giving her the answers to the questions she asked.  With that task in hand, I think I did pretty well.

Now, time will tell how I did.  Will I get a call for an interview?  Did I do well enough to be recommended to other principals in the district?  Who knows.  Well, I guess I'll know if I get that call.

So, now the waiting game starts. 

I'm not going to just sit and wait.  I'm going to get out there and meet more principals.  I'm going to visit some schools and introduce myself.  The only way to get discovered is by making the first that's exactly what I'll do.


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